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Go support me!… Maybe… Or not, whichever, it’s cool =^^=



I have no idea what I am doing on Twitch at the moment and would gladly appreciate some walk throughs! 

The last few weeks have been crazy, haven’t gotten a whole lot done, between having the kids here and when they aren’t here, I’ve been sick. Halloween is just two months away and all I have figured out is my hair. 

To add to my long list of ADD art projects, I am now working on altered Magic cards and play mats. I’m currently working on Naya Hushblade – Rouge Elf. 

I’m pretty excited for it, and all the new things I’ve been testing out. Still trying to get my Twitch set up, I have no idea how to edit my profile, and all those streaming apps aren’t working, help. 

I’m also working on a Patreon, which I’m super excited for. 

Lots of new things in the works, I have the kids all day tomorrow on my day off, but I hope to get lots accomplished! Sabrina will do art with me, so that’ll help so much!  💜  

I know it’s my destiny

In the past three days even, I have learned just how much things are falling into place, it’s crazy. Almost  a little scary, but hey, going with the flow.

I’ve learned that my soulmate has been spending his time watching anime without me.  (It’s kind of ridiculous how adorable we are. It’s amazing, and I love it.)

I’ve learned that I fit right in where I am. I’m not fitting in to the places I used to, I’m losing friends, but I am okay with it. If they are that easily lost, they were lost from the beginning, and I do not have time for that. I have decided that, they’ll still be great people in their own way, they just are not my crowd. My crowd, consists of four people and we like to play Pokemon and watch Teen Titans Go, and hang out with the animals.

Sure, I’d like to have some friends that I could catch up with, but honestly, I don’t need it. I’m way more focused on my family, and my art/work.

On a less sappy note, 4 more days till I order my Hinata wig, and go buy all the materials needed for her outfit! And I caught a Dragonite in our driveway the other night! Seriously, our place is happening, it’s amazing.

The kids are watching Pokemon, I’m rambling on, Graeme is out playing Magic, there’s a cat sitting on my arms while I type, Scooby is snoring, life is pretty damn good.

Hopefully tomorrow (haha) I will be posting some photos of what I got for my Nui, and hopefully I’ll be online posting some cutting of the old prom dress for Nui, I suppose I should try the dress on first haha


Sunday Funday 

Been playing Pokemon all day, managed to take a gym for ten minutes! Ran myself out of poke balls, drove me and Sabrina around to all the poke stops in town haha! 

It’s been an awesome day all in all. Now we’re sitting playing and also drawing. 

I’m planning out my next tattoo! (they may be another Sailor Moon related ones) 

Still planning out some Hinata designs, getting anxious for pay day, I’m gonna buy all the material I need and order the wig.

Hello Sunshine

Hey all, sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I am still playing around with Twitch, and coming up with ideas, but there are also animals that need attention and Pokemon. (I caught a Squirtle at Magic and everyone lost their minds).

Update on anything?:

I have my wig ready to order for Hinata Hyuga!

I have a dress to cut up for Nui Harime!

Been super lazy this week, it’s been either really hot or raining, and my allergies have made it impossible to sleep when I want to.

So pretty much, that’s what I’ve accomplished in two days. Split shift today, so maybe I can get something done on my break!


Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the long weekend!



Hey there! I’m Rita, alter ego: Luna Ria. Here’s just a little about me.

I’m an aspiring artist, dabbling in everything creative. I especially enjoy painting/drawing and crocheting.

I am an anime princess, and a beginner cosplayer 2016. Currently working on 2 projects here (Hinata Hyuga and Nui Harime).

I am a lazy Pokemon Go player, catching most of my Pokemon in the comfort of my own home.

I have two beautiful step children, Sabrina and Darrek who are basically my life. Oh, and I guess their dad is pretty cool too. ❤

Two cats, both white, Roxy and Stella (Stella is a deaf kitten), and one grumpy old man dog, Scooby, who is actually the biggest suck I know (currently laying underneath my feet at the desk).

I have attempted making a website, and getting my art out there, and have failed twice. Last year, I went through one of the most difficult times, loosing four people in the span of six months; two just days before Christmas 2014, and two in May 2015, who were two of my biggest heroes in my life. It was a tough time, but I got through. Tried revamping my sites, and ended up in a slump again, only because of not as awful things. Either way, I was stuck, and it has taken a lot for me to push out of it, but I did it, and life is fantastic again (helps that I had some amazing people in my life).

A huge shout out to my mama who has taught me so much over the years, how to be tough, but also love with all of my heart, and also to crochet when all else fails. She is one of my biggest inspirations, and also you should check out her stuff on Suzy’s Yarn on Facebook.

I hope to accomplish all that I have ever dreamed of, and hope to always make the most of every situation. I look forward to my updated Storenvy:

I have three current coming soon products, two will be up within the week! The soap I am hoping will be available in September!


If I can catch a Vulpix laying on the couch, I can do anything.