I know it’s my destiny

In the past three days even, I have learned just how much things are falling into place, it’s crazy. Almost  a little scary, but hey, going with the flow.

I’ve learned that my soulmate has been spending his time watching anime without me.  (It’s kind of ridiculous how adorable we are. It’s amazing, and I love it.)

I’ve learned that I fit right in where I am. I’m not fitting in to the places I used to, I’m losing friends, but I am okay with it. If they are that easily lost, they were lost from the beginning, and I do not have time for that. I have decided that, they’ll still be great people in their own way, they just are not my crowd. My crowd, consists of four people and we like to play Pokemon and watch Teen Titans Go, and hang out with the animals.

Sure, I’d like to have some friends that I could catch up with, but honestly, I don’t need it. I’m way more focused on my family, and my art/work.

On a less sappy note, 4 more days till I order my Hinata wig, and go buy all the materials needed for her outfit! And I caught a Dragonite in our driveway the other night! Seriously, our place is happening, it’s amazing.

The kids are watching Pokemon, I’m rambling on, Graeme is out playing Magic, there’s a cat sitting on my arms while I type, Scooby is snoring, life is pretty damn good.

Hopefully tomorrow (haha) I will be posting some photos of what I got for my Nui, and hopefully I’ll be online posting some cutting of the old prom dress for Nui, I suppose I should try the dress on first haha



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