I have no idea what I am doing on Twitch at the moment and would gladly appreciate some walk throughs! 

The last few weeks have been crazy, haven’t gotten a whole lot done, between having the kids here and when they aren’t here, I’ve been sick. Halloween is just two months away and all I have figured out is my hair. 

To add to my long list of ADD art projects, I am now working on altered Magic cards and play mats. I’m currently working on Naya Hushblade – Rouge Elf. 

I’m pretty excited for it, and all the new things I’ve been testing out. Still trying to get my Twitch set up, I have no idea how to edit my profile, and all those streaming apps aren’t working, help. 

I’m also working on a Patreon, which I’m super excited for. 

Lots of new things in the works, I have the kids all day tomorrow on my day off, but I hope to get lots accomplished! Sabrina will do art with me, so that’ll help so much!  💜  


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